Skills development

Our experts can train you for Chockfast® resin use as it requires minimal knowledges regarding properties and applications. The training package includes:

  • Intervention on your site
  • Technical workbook
  • Application of chocking in details
  • Questions/answers


Our training sessions are supports to avoid incident out of our works. However, we strongly advice to contact us in case of doubts or for specific work.

At the end of training session you receive a certificate and a TECHNICIAN CHOCKFAST® card, this one specify that you follow a training session from Polyresine, that allows you to apply Chockfast® resins for specific cases defined by technical direction of Polyresine.

That’s different from mention TECHNICIAN CERTIFIED CHOCKFAST® which is delivered after a training session with Polyresine and the society ITW Polymer for design and application of Chockfast®. This certified technician has sufficient knowledges to carry out Chockfast®, process in France and abroad.