BMGP group


BMEnergie does electrical and mechanical maintenance for all types of installation and rotating machines. We bring technical support for following steps:
  • Mounting
  • Controls and  monitoring
  • Dismounting
We train your technicians on-site, we supply spare parts within 24/48 hours and we make in-situ machining for maintenance operations, breakdown service, modification and rebuilding.
Our technical assistance concerns differents fields: metallurgy, mining, heavy industry, refinement, …

Mining industry

The global installation and all machines we can find on mining sites are subjected to high stress related to wear. Various forms are present:

  • High wear due to repeated impacts, that includes cones, cyclones, hoppers, blades ⇒ Application of the product which will be long-term worn instead of the part
  • Loose of efficiency of conveyor belts due to holes ⇒ Reparation with self-nivelling product which accept high elongation
  • Chemical attacks on surface, increasing roughness and reducing flow (corrosion and abrasion) ⇒ Application of product which improve the flow and protect surfaces
  • Destruction of materials due to repeated impacts ⇒ Addition of specific material to re-create surface

The use of our procedures give you the opportunity to:

1 – Increase the global effiency of your equipments

2 – Decrease corrective maintenance = Decrease non-planned stops

3 – Decrease costs because such works are less expensive than full replacement

Generating unit

For generating units, combined unit diesel-solar, power plants and solar generators, we support you on these projects.

1st STEP:

  • Engineering et project management
  • Need analysis
  • Setting-up
  • Delivery and installation of units

2nde STEP:

  • Wiring and connection
  • Load tests
  • Receipt of the installation
  • Workers training
  • Maintenance and technical support

We deal with society who supply electricity or directly with local authority for electrificaiton of non-connected city. In this case, generating units are used only on evening during peak comsuption. For industrials we proposal our method of “Fuel Save”, the units continusouly work in order to quickly answer to high power request. The photovoltaic installation is able to supply a part of requested energy, reducing unit comsuption.

Our company is associated with partners which have numerous references in decentralized energy production.