Engineering and advices


A deeper analysis of your installation

Before every work we study your installation, with in a first time a study about your request including a potential visit if necessary in order to well understand the problem and even give advices regarding other studuies in paralleles, such as vibration study.

As soon as scope and problem are correctly identified, our experimented engineers study your installation thanks to calculations and simulations in order to propose the best product for you.

In the same time than product choice we think about the way to proceed in order to optimize safely the performance of your equipment.


As each solution si very specific, our technicians are trained and have specific skills which help them to react quickly in all types of situations in order to ensure optimized timing and quality service.

Our teams and experts are availabkle 24h per day worldwide with immediate taking into account to give you best answers.



The quality of Chockfast® process is guaranteed by a quality assurance/control (QA/QC) process extremely elaborate and rigorous, for products and process.


  • Systematic control of raw materials providing from different sources
  • Sampling control from each batch (resin and hardener) during the production
  • Sampling control of the finished and packed products


  • Performance control of polymerized samples at regular interval times
  • Identification of the pot by labeling each resin pot: they are supplied with a codified individual number allowing to find the date and batch of fabrication, as well as the controls carried out on the raw material components of this batch


In order to ensure our services, we propose to do your calculations for thightening torque applied to Chockfast® Orange in marine field.