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Chocking, anchoring and injection

Polyresine realizes all chocking, anchoring types and various installations with innovative approch of industrial maintenance.

The types of interventions are different depending on field but we mainly bring solutions for:

  • Chocking and alignment of rotating equipments
  • Anchoring of machines
  • Rebuilding and levelling
  • Molding of specific parts
  • Injection into cracks
  • Anchors replacements

Marine applications

1- Chocking Engine Propulsion
2- Chocking Generator
3- Chocking Stern tube
4- Chocking Rudder
5- Chocking Gear Box and Bearing
6- Chocking Steering Gear
7- Chocking Winch
8- Chocking Fire Pump

9- Chocking Cargo Pump
10- Chocking Partition Passage
11- Chocking Orientation Ring
12- Chocking Brow Thruster
13- Chocking Windlass
14- Protection Propeller Shaft
15- Anticorrosive coating
16- Hull Smoothing Coating

17- Maintenance Resin
18- Non Skid Coating
19- Structural adhesive
20- Sealing Putty
21- Pump reconditioning
22- Cable culottage
23- Erosion Protection
24- Chocking Tank

As vessel engine chocking is the beginning of Polyresine, we have a real know-how for all chocking types on vessels. Our several works in this field gave us the possibility to find a solution for each issue, even developping new procedures for your needs.

These methods are economical, reliable and proven as our products and process are certified by most of international marine certification bodies.


Industrial applications

1- Chocking Diesel Engine
2- Chocking Alternator
3- Grouting Pole
4- Chocking Fale

5- Chocking Pipe Support
6- Expansion Joint
7- Chocking Seat Plate
8- Chocking Crane Rail

9- Chocking Gear Box / multiplier
10- Chocking Pump

We intervene in all types of industry needing rotating equipment maintenance, new or old. Most of equipments are under high constraints which damage support year after year, that leads to bac fonctionning.

We propose solutions which are adapted to machine context and its environment as most of our resins are resistant to industrial fluids.

Off-shore applications

1- Chocking Winch, Windlass, Capstan, Davit
2- Anti-Vibratory Pipe Support
3- Chocking Generator, Gear Box, Alternator, Electric Engine
4- Chocking Orientation Ring

5- Chocking Riser
6- Chocking Tank Rigging
7- Chocking compressor, pump, turbin
8- Chocking of support structure of the platform

9- Chocking of structure of flight deck
10- Chocking of crane shaft
11- Elastic suspension of emergency group
12- Cable culottage
13- Corrosion protection

We also work for nuclear industry, ensuring anchoring thanks to products approved for several years. Transports and mainly all activities related to rails setting up are also a part of our usual applications.

In addition to that, we’re turning to different renewable energy, either on-shore (wind turbines) or off-shore (floating wind turbines or not, tidal and water turbines, osmotic and thermic energies)

Products used for previous applications are available in section Chockfast® products and mortars