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Chocking, anchoring and injection

Polyresine realizes all chocking, anchoring types and various installations in marine industry and heavy industry thanks to epoxy resins and mortars. Our products and processes are adapted to the heavy industry: our resins are resistant to most of the industry fluids.

  • Chocking of all vessels installations (main engine, reduction gearbox, diesel generator, pumps, steering gear, winches…)
  • Chocking of your installations (pumps, compressors, rails…)
  • Grouting
  • Molding of specific parts
  • Our products and processes are certified by the world’s leading marine certification bodies (see certifications)

Marine applications

1- Chocking Engine Propulsion
2- Chocking Generator
3- Chocking Stern tube
4- Chocking Rudder
5- Chocking Gear Box and Bearing
6- Chocking Steering Gear
7- Chocking Winch
8- Chocking Fire Pump

9- Chocking Cargo Pump
10- Chocking Partition Passage
11- Chocking Orientation Ring
12- Chocking Brow Thruster
13- Chocking Windlass
14- Protection Propeller Shaft
15- Anticorrosive coating
16- Hull Smoothing Coating

17- Maintenance Resin
18- Non Skid Coating
19- Structural adhesive
20- Sealing Putty
21- Pump reconditioning
22- Cable culottage
23- Erosion Protection
24- Chocking Tank

Industrial applications

1- Chocking Diesel Engine
2- Chocking Alternator
3- Grouting Pole
4- Chocking Fale

5- Chocking Pipe Support
6- Expansion Joint
7- Chocking Seat Plate
8- Chocking Crane Rail

9- Chocking Gear Box / multiplier
10- Chocking Pump

Off-shore applications

1- Chocking Winch, Windlass, Capstan, Davit
2- Anti-Vibratory Pipe Support
3- Chocking Generator, Gear Box, Alternator, Electric Engine
4- Chocking Orientation Ring

5- Chocking Riser
6- Chocking Tank Rigging
7- Chocking compressor, pump, turbin
8- Chocking of support structure of the platform

9- Chocking of structure of flight deck
10- Chocking of crane shaft
11- Elastic suspension of emergency group
12- Cable culottage
13- Corrosion protection

Nous offrons des solutions fiables dans le temps avec un produit et un mode opératoire adaptés à chaque situation