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Chockfast® products and mortars

Polyresine offers reliable and economical solutions for reparation and mechanical maintenance (Certified ISO 9001: 2015, Polyresine guarantees best product quality at NF certifications, and controlled work methods which are approved by BV certifications)

The selection of the products and their implementation is adapted to each specific case. Our experimented operators, trained for many years for this job, perform all your works of chocking, anchoring and injection.


CHOCKFAST® resins are totally impervious to oil and other fluids, they are easy to apply and offer an exemplary fast drying. Through their high mechanical strength, resins allow to keep the alignment of rotating equipment in nearly unlimited ways.
Over 10,000 propulsion engines, accumulating 150 million running hours, have been chocked with the process CHOCKFAST®. Furthermore, as a high proportion of these operations have been carried out to replace metallic shims, we can assert that the CHOCKFAST® chocking is much more reliable that the steel or cast-iron chocks

POLYRESINE offers a wide range of polymer resins to provide a perfectly adapted product for each kind of project.

Non-exhaustive list, please find the technical data sheets of all our products in Brochures sections