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Chockfast® products and mortars

" A perfect alignment with Chockfast® "

" For each chocking application, an optimal product "

" Products developped for industrial people "

Most of the products we use are epoxy resins Chockfast®. These Chockfast® resins have been able to answer to various challenges coming from ous customers, and the Chockfast® has replaced metal shims on several installations.

Main advantages of those epoxy resins are the following ones:

  • High mechanical properties
  • Great long-term behavior
  • Resistant to oils and several chemical elements
  • Great damping power for vibrating machines
  • Accurate installation
  • Maintenance cost reduction
  • Easy to apply (quick curing time and negligeable shrinkage)

Chocking and anchoring

For more than 50 years, more than 50 000 propulsion systems collecting 150 millions of operating hours, have been chocked by Chockfast® procedure.

We have various Chockfast® resins and each one has specific properties giving best solutions to solve your problems. The chemical composition and the application procedure determine the chocking thickness.

Furthermore, we also have hydraulic mortar (Polyrep Gris) which is used for concrete reconstitution with higher mechanical properties.

Other products are available according to specific needs.


Lots of vessels now carry liquified gas in specific tanks. These LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) or LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) tanks contain criogenic gas, which constraint a lot the recipient and the support.


That’s why wood components are utilized and we apply Phillymastic TG7-B resin in order to create interface between tanks and wood components. The target is to have an homogenous load repartition.

Phillymastic TG7-B has the following advantages:

  • Temperature range: -165°C et +40°C
  • Good compressive strength


The way to apply this product is very particular as we have to do it all around the tank (see pictures) and the tank geometry can be different (spherical, prismatic, …)


Cracks is unfortunately a common phenomenon known by industrial people. Too high constraints in tension-compression, temperatures change cycles or some fluids are the main reasons for crack appearences.

As it’s not always possible to replace the concrete we use injection process. It’s also used for gap filling when pouring with gravity is not appropriate. Injection and events holes are necessary in addition to injeciton under 0.2-0.3 bars.

Products as Repair Compound 6A or J24 are usually used for such applications.


We use several other products (specific coating, expansion joints, sealing products, …) for our chocking-anchoring-injection interventions. Those products are sometimes required separatly to solve your problems.

Please find our technical documentation in section Brochures