The selection of the products and their implementation is adapted to each specific
case. Our experimented operators, trained for many years for this job,
perform all your works of chocking, grouting and injection.


CHOCKFAST® resins are totally impervious to oil and other fluids, they are easy to apply and offer an exemplary fast drying. Through their high mechanical strength, resins allow to keep the alignment of rotating equipment in nearly unlimited ways.
Over 10,000 propulsion engines, accumulating 150 million running hours, have been chocked with the process CHOCKFAST®. Furthermore, as a high proportion of these operations have been carried out to replace metallic shims, we can assert that the CHOCKFAST® chocking is much more reliable that the steel or cast-iron chocks.

POLYRESINE offers a wide range of polymer resins to provide a perfectly adapted product for each kind of project.



To respect a fundamental alignment

Used for the marine and land applications whenever the alignment is essential. Poured into formworks, the Chockfast® Orange allows to distribute the single pressures to the whole foundation and therefore replaces definitively the steel shims.

See technical data sheet



A chocking resin

It is a two components epoxy resin specifically formulated to be used as a sleeves and stern tubes chocking resin. It is designed to withstand in a harsh maritime and industrial environment.

See technical data sheet

Chockfast® Red SG


Chocks from 25 to 100 mm thickness in a single operation

The Chockfast® Red SG is a high performance 100% solid epoxy chocking product, used to chock large machines and to support base plates in all types of foundations, for a gap as small as 30 mm.

See technical data sheet

Chockfast® Red PR 630


Reconstruction of concrete foundation

The Chockfast® Red is a very reliable pre-dosed three components mortar, specifically designed as an element of concrete foundation reconstruction, chocking, fast embedment and injection binder.

See technical data sheet

Chockfast® Black PR 610 GS


Chocks from 25 to 100 mm thickness in a single operation

The Chockfast® Black is a two components synthetic resin mortar. The unique composition of this mortar confer it a low exothermic peak, an excellent heat resistance and an absence of creep.

See technical data sheet

Chockfast® Grey PR 610 FR


For large seating surface

The Chockfast® Grey is used both for marine and land applications, whenever the alignment is essential. The Chockfast® Grey is poured in formworks in such manner that the machine is laying on the largest possible seating surface.

See technical data sheet

Polyrep Grey

High resistance screed

Polyrep Grey is used both as abrasion high resistance screed but also as grouting and chocking system or fast embedding.

▪ Grouting: road, pavement, pipes, street furniture, flowerbox, stair edges, machine support foundation…
▪ Chocking: signalling equipment, pillar feet, loading frame, hoops, safety barrier, frame…
▪ Embedding: lamppost, anchor bolts, catenaries…

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50 to 80% saving costs with the CHOCKFAST® which offers a chocking solution that is second to none.