Polyrésine provides reliable and economical solutions for repair and mechanical maintenance.

Expansion joint 7C

Dilatation mastic

The expansion joint 7C is a 2 components soft epoxy putty, it can be applied to any material and keeps its properties at both high and low temperature. It is used also as dilatation gasket for concrete foundation, applicable vertically and horizontally.

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Protection coating

Epoxy resin cross-linked by 2 components polyaminoamides. Coating for protection and decoration of inside walls and floors (chalking outside). This product suits especially for car parks, garages, basements, warehouses, factories grounds…

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Two components epoxy mastic

Water and oil resistant. It offers a very high resistance and flexibility on a wide range of temperature. Due to its paste consistency, it can be applied in vertical coats without difficulties. It is designed to seal and fill in every kind of gap between metallic pieces and create a dilatation gasket. It adheres to steel and brass and also to the epoxy resins.

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Mastic for all materials

The repair compound 6A is a 2 components epoxy putty with high mechanical properties, applicable to many substrate materials (metals, wood, concrete, plastics), for the purpose of grouting, embedding, sealing, levelling, surface dressing, chocking.

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Resin J24

Tightness and bonding

The resin J24 is a two components epoxy pure binder, free solvent, used for the tightness and bonding injection of porous or cracked structures: plugging of construction joints, rejoining of concrete screed by gravity injection or impregnation, saturation of porous areas.

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Certified ISO 9001:2008, POLYRESINE guarantees the highest quality of its products to NF standards, as well as its methods of work, controlled and approved by the BV Certification..