Teams trained to use the resin. We come on your site to train your staff in the use of our resins range. Our training sessions prevent you from any potential snags to the principles of safety when operating by your own teams.

Chockfast® certified employees

At the training completion provided by Polyresine’s staff, your employees receive a certificate (see below) valid for a 3 years period.

Accreditation models


The CHOCKFAST® Certified Technician has followed a training course, provided by the Company Polyresine and the Company PRC, to design and implement CHOCKFAST® processes. He has got the necessary skills to perform the realization of CHOCKFAST® processes, both in France and abroad.


The CHOCKFAST® Technician has followed a training course provided by the Company Polyresine, allowing him to implement CHOCKFAST® processes and resins for the cases defined in advance by Polyresine’s technical management.