Polyresine carries out works on all vessels types.

  • Chocking of all vessels installations (main engine, reduction gearbox, diesel generator, pumps, steering gear, winches…).
  • Anticorrosion protection and leak tightness, resurfacing and coating of the worn metallic pieces.
  • Our products and processes are certified by the world’s leading marine certification bodies (see organizations).

MT Nestosat at the Houston Ship Repair


After a technical break at the Houston Ship Repair for severe damage, the propulsion engine of MT NESTOS is no more correctly lined up. A new chocking by the mean of steel shims would take place in several weeks. Polyresine is called in emergency to bring a solution. The lining up is settled back, a formwork is built for resin shims, the resin is poured in-situ, the tightening is effected when the polymerization is achieved. The whole operation has been performed in 8 days until the Bureau Veritas deliver the new authorization to sail.

1- Calage de moteur de propulsion
2- Calage de groupe électrogène
3- Calage de tube Etambot
4- Calage d’aiguillot de gouvernail
5- Calage de réducteur et paber
6- Calage d’appareil à gouverner
7- Calage de treuil
8- Calage de pompe incendie
9- Calage de pompe cargaison
10- Calage de passage de cloison
11- Calage de couronne d’orientation
12- Calage de propulseur d’étrave
13- Calage de guideau
14- Protection arbre porte-hélice
15- Revêtement anti-corrosion
16- Enduit de lissage de coque
17- Résine de maintenance
18- Revêtement anti-dérapant
19- Adhésif structurel
20- Mastic d’étanchéité
21- Reconditionnement de pompe
22- Culottage de câble
23- Protection anti-érosion
24- Calage de réservoir


Polyresine offers reliable solutions to your problems of
installation and maintenance for the industrial applications.

  • Chocking of your installations (pumps, compressors, rails…).
  • Grouting.
  • Protection: avoid the corrosion, improve the mechanical resistance.
  • Molding of special parts pieces..

Our products and processes are adapted to the heavy industry : our resins are resistant to most of the industry fluids
(gas, hydrocarbons, chemical products…).

1- Calage de moteur diesel
2- Calage d’alternateur
3- Scellement de poteau
4- Calage de ventilateur
5- Calage de support de tuyauterie
6- Joint de dilatation
7- Calage de plaque d’assise
8- Calage de rail de pont roulant
9- Calage de d’un réducteur / multiplicateur
10- Calage de pompe

Chocking of a pump at the Dunkirk Arcelor Mittal steel factory.

One of the cooling pump vibrates, which occurs a connecting problem between the pump and the motor. It can lead to operating and safety troubles.

Polyresine’s teams have intervened quickly in emergency: after the pump has been settled back by Arcelor Mittal, building of formworks prior to pour the resin (1 hour polymerization) and tightening of the anchor bolts.


Polyresine works on offshore platforms for over 30 years.

  • Chocking of the installations on the offshore platforms (pump, compressor, slewing rings, cranes…).
  • Anticorrosion protection and leak tightness (coating, adhesive…).
  • Chocking of bearings, steel frame structures, locking of heavy pieces inside not machined casing.

Our products and processes are certified by the world’s leading marine certification bodies (see organizations).

1- Calage de treuil, guindeau, cabestan, bossoir
2- Support anti-vibratoire de tuyauterie
3- Calage de groupe électrogène, réducteur, alternateur, moteur électrique
4- Calage de couronne d’orientation
5- Calage de riser
6- Calage de réservoir
7- Calage compresseur, pompe, turbine
8- Calage de structure support de la plate forme
9- Calage de la structure du pont d’envol
10- Calage de fût de grue
11- suspension élastique de groupe de secours
12- Culottage de câble
13- Protection anti-corrosion

A recognition by the marine certification bodies


Polyresine offers reliable solutions to your problems of installation and maintenance for the energy applications.

  • Chocking of diesel engines, generators, reduction gearboxes …
  • Grouting.
  • Protection against infiltration, damaging ….

Project in collaboration with EDF (French national electricity board) for Martinique Island:

2 years studies and exchanges for a new power plant: reliable and stable chocking of each diesel engine and its generator.