Whether for new rotating machines installation or for repairs, Polyresine’s teams
guarantee an implementation of your yards in a timely manner
and according to standardized intervention process
and guaranteed deadlines.



A thorough analysis of your installation

To optimize safely the performances of your installations, our experimented engineers look into your problems, carry out your studies and simulation calculations. Our expertise of chocking systems and the skills of our specialists will ensure an optimized response integrating the specific requirements of each installation.



The respect of the specifications

The selection of the products and their implementation is adapted to each specific case. Our experimented operators, trained for many years, perform in a timely manner all over the world your works of chocking, grouting and injection. Our teams are available 24 hours a day, which offers you a short response time for an immediate and permanent consideration of your questions.



The verification of the works done

Chockfast® quality is guaranteed by a quality assurance/control (QA/QC) process extremely elaborate and rigorous, for which one the main steps are:

  • Systematic control of raw materials providing from different sources.
  • Sampling control from each batch (resin and hardener) during the production.
  • Sampling control of the finished and packed products.
  • Performance control of polymerized samples at regular interval times.
  • Identification of the cans by labeling each resin can: they are supplied with a codified individual number allowing to find the date and batch of fabrication, as well as the controls carried out on the raw material components of this batch.


Chocking, grouting, embedding & injection


Repair and Protection


Teams trained to use the resin

We come on your site to train your staff in the use of our resins range. Our training sessions prevent you from any potential snags to the principles of safety when operating by your own teams.

Chockfast® certified employees

At the training completion provided by Polyresine’s staff, your employees receive a certificate (see below) valid for a 3 years period.

Accreditation models

CHOCKFAST® Certified Technician

The CHOCKFAST® Certified Technician has followed a training course, provided by the Company Polyresine and the Company PRC, to design and implement CHOCKFAST® processes. He has got the necessary skills to perform the realization of CHOCKFAST® processes, both in France and abroad.

CHOCKFAST® Technician

The CHOCKFAST® Technician has followed a training course provided by the Company Polyresine, allowing him to implement CHOCKFAST® processes and resins for the cases defined in advance by Polyresine’s technical management.